5 COVID Tips for Kid Parties

Let’s face it, every mother is concerned about safety right now, and every child just wants to have fun.

Being both a mother AND a Social Worker of many years myself, I can understand the dynamic of both worlds. Kids don’t fully understand or comprehend all the dangers out there these days nor should they (to a certain extent.) Being able to inform them about staying safe while educating them about what exactly COVID is and does, can prove to be a tricky balancing act.

These times call for certain measures, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop completely. We just want to have what I call “Safe Party Practices.”

I’ve gathered 5 tips to help you plan a safe spa party for your little one while still making it fun.

1. Planning & Invites
While planning your child’s Spa Party try to keep the party size to a minimum of 8 to10 party guests including the guest of honor. Having parties that size will make it more manageable and also make the parents of the invited guests feel more comfortable as well.

2. Answer Safety Questions Before They Are Asked:
Being ahead of the game and anticipating what questions parents will ask can make them more comfortable. Every parent will want to know the following:

  • How many girls will be there?
  • Has anyone there been exposed to COVID?
  • Are you guys doing temperature checks?
  • Is everyone there going to be wearing a mask?

Rest assured that everyone will be asking themselves (THEN asking YOU) those questions. Be proactive and include this information with your invitations. If your party is being hosted by one of our Kids Spa Party Planners be sure to ask them these questions along with questions about their staff like:

  • Will their staff be wearing masks?
  • Will hand sanitizer be provided?

Having the answers to those questions will reduce parents’ anxiety about their child’s attendance and will make for a safer party gathering.

3. Provide Safety Measures:
Be sure to provide safety items at the party for every guest. Some items may include:

  • Temperature checks at the door.
  • A mask for every child.
  • Small personal hand sanitizers.

You can even have these items personalized with your child’s picture or party them on them. Check with one of our Kid’s Spa Party Planners to see if they provide this service to you.

4. Food Safety is a Must:
Making small changes in the menu and the STYLE of the menu can also make parents feel at ease. Here are some tips to help with that:

Make individual single-serve food boxes for each attendee that are pre-packed by you with everything you’re gonna be serving like:

  • Finger Sandwiches
  • Small Fruit Cups
  • Small Veggie Cups
  • Bags of Chips
  • A Few Cookies in a Baggie.
    Make the box really cute with a bow or ribbon.

You can even place individual drinks in a large punch bowl of ice with a pretty matching bow on it and pack it with bottled water, fruit punch pouches, etc. Serve them with gloves to remain sanitary.

5. Make it Fun!
Being prepared for safety doesn’t mean you can’t plan for fun too. There are TONS of activities kids can do at parties to have fun while still being safe. One of them being Spa Parties Themes: it’s fun, it’s girly and really easy to do. Polishing nails & getting mani/pedi’s never goes out of style. To make things easier for you, just chat with one of our Kid’s Spa Party Planners on our website. They know allll about how to make your party fun and keeping it safe at the same time. A safe party can also be a fun party!

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Yummy Wishes & Happy Party Planning,