5 Must Haves for your Christmas Spa

Holidays are upon us and it’s time to get “Holiday Ready!” For those of you who have our November Content Calendar, you are already ahead of the game. You already know what to post & when. To help everyone else out, here is a list 5 MustHave Spa Products to get you Holiday Ready:

1. Bubblegum Jewelry:

These chunky cuties come in the most adorable colors and what little girl doesn’t like to play dress up? You can sell the matching set with the bracelet and even throw in the earrings for a complete set. This will be your go-to gift of the season.

2. Glam Shirts:

These new t-shirts come with glitter and one even has the newest trend of the Heartbeat Shirts & a REAL reflective mirror ON the shirt! (Did you know that we can make these with your brand on ‘em?) Contact me for more info.

KIM TIP: Give one away to the birthday girl at a party and watch the other girls clamor all over themselves asking for one too. Be sure to have more on hand to sell for those guests for residual income.

3. Satin Slippers:

It’s only appropriate for a little girl to slide her feet into a nice pair of comfy cozy slippers after a long hot bath, right? So, it’s only right to stock up on a few pair of these Glam Slippers, honey! Available in fluffy fur or super satiny bow.

4. Satin Body Powder:

Ok, so I can’t be the only one who remembers her grandmother having these in her bathroom. But the rule was: “only 2 pats per use! LOL! This little cutie brings us all back while giving today’s little girl a taste of nostalgia. Comes with an adorable pink fluffy puff!

5. Glam Mask:

Now when all is said and done…. the girls have had worn their jewelry, dressed up in their glitter shirts, taken a bath and placed on their satin robe and slippers there’s nothing else to do but protect their little eyes, right? This soft, padded eye-mask is made of satin and topped off with glitter eyelashes because when it’s time to go to sleep, you might as well go in style!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this read. To help you out we’ve made it super easy for you to see what we have in one place. Download a copy of our 2019 Glam Christmas Catalog. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, drop a few pieces of Ghirardelli Chocolate in it (we won’t tell) and enjoy the glam, honey. It’s free.

Now, hop over to our website to grab your free copy. Remember to follow us on Instagram and keep in mind that all of these items can be made with your company’s logo and design on ‘em. Just ask sweetie!

KIM TIP: November is here and kids will be out of school soon. Make good use of that time by planning a “Holiday Spa Party” in your Kids Spa or Salon. If you’re mobile, develop a Holiday Spa Package where you use Christmas Spa flavor products and offer to go where they are. Also, give away small holiday treats in your gift bags like Snowflake Bath Bombs or Christmas Cookie Soap. You can find these on our website.

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