Paint Party for Kids by My Bath Bakery

Paint Party for Kids

Paint parties are popping up everywhere, and it’s no wonder they continue to grow in their popularity because everyone that attends enjoys their time getting to know others that perhaps they would not have been able to meet otherwise. Paint parties tend to be geared more towards adults who would like to sip wine and get to know other adults, however, My Bath Bakery is now excited to offer paint parties for kids!


Paint parties for kids are the newest, growing socially creative trend for kids because it allows them to get a little messy with a group of their friends all while having the opportunity to paint using a real canvas, bright paint colors, and of course, refreshments and music are also an option. Hosting your own kid’s paint party gives your daughter the chance to create a one-of-a-kind art piece with a group of her friends in a fun, and safe environment. Gone are the days of bouncy house and clown parties, today’s child seeks an interactive, educational, and fun way to connect with her friends at her birthday party.

Hosting your own kids paint party is a fun social activity that your children can enjoy with their friends or even a chance to meet new kids their own age and calls for an organized party plan that includes several different aspects of planning such as what size of canvas do you buy? How many paint brushes will you need? What paint is safe for kids to use? There are additional things to think about when planning and hosting your own paint party that you should think about such as the age of the host and her friends, will you be using your house or renting a local party center, and of course the time it takes to set-up and tear-down afterward. But you’ve come to the right place at the right time because My Bath Bakery has you covered!

My Bath Bakery takes the hard work out of creating and hosting your own paint party for kids by offering you a complete party in a box.

Each Kids Paint Party includes artist canvas’ for each guest, the use of an actual art easel, use of our Painters Aprons, all necessary painting supplies (don’t worry, kids, use acrylics!) My Bath Bakery offers you a complete kid’s paint party package with additional add-on options such as refreshments of cupcakes and lemonade tini, cookie trays, and even party loot bags!

Our kid’s paint party even includes customizable invitations, music, 2 Pastry Spa Assistants (who couldn’t use an extra set of hands!), and a pre-party consultation! My Bath Bakery kids paint party takes the guesswork out of what designs the kids should paint because our pre-printed canvas comes in four choices: ice cream cone, ballerina dress, large cupcake, or nail polish bottle. Each party order gives you enough products for 8 girls plus the host with the option of adding up to 12 guests. Additional items are available to purchase.

Visit our Kids Paint Party post by clicking here to read all of the details and/or to place your order.



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