Pampering Your Kid’s Skin:

Our 7 Tips for healthier skin habits for kids (and having fun while doing it!)

Your little one’s skin is very unpredictable. Let’s face it mamas it’s hard keeping track of what your child gets up to and what they expose their skin too. Today I’m going to break down some of the 7 best tips for healthy skin habits that you can implement in your house and have some fun doing it.

Building a healthy skin regimen for your kids is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean we have to have a boring time doing it, especially with the younger kids. The foundation of great adult skin starts with how you take care of your little ones. 

My guide starts off with 7 tips that you can rely on to build a healthy skin regimen in your home. I will then give you some pointers on how you can accommodate and adjust these tips for different ages. Skincare habits for your toddler and your twelve-year-old cannot be exactly the same, but you can incorporate our awesome kid-friendly bath and facial products and put your mind at ease.

Let’s get this sugar rush skincare party on the road, shall we?

7 Tips for Healthier Skin for Kids:

1. Use lukewarm water for washing the face:

Whether your young one is a toddler or a pre-teen, a good habit to start is to use lukewarm water on their face.

Hot or cold water can irritate their skin and if they have stubborn dirt in their pores, cold water, just won’t cut it.

A fun way to incorporate this routine is to use our macaroon-shaped face moisture masks to help gently lift off any stubborn dirt. The design is fun to look at and your child will enjoy looking at the different colors. A great tip to test the water temperature is to have your child place their hand under the tap, if their hand cannot withstand the temperature then it is too hot or too cold for their face. Insist on your child washing their face first thing in the morning after they wake up

2. Use gentle child-friendly skincare products:

There are so many products on the market right now. As the good mama bear that you are, I know you are concerned about what these manufacturers put in our baby and kid products.

A good place to start is to understand what the ingredients labels mean. Yes, I know it’s a lot of work and you don’t need one more thing to add to your growing list of responsibilities. But trust me on this, you only need to do your research once.

Picture your role in this whole thing as a valiant hero who is there to safeguard the health of your child’s skin. Do whatever you can to the best of your ability. Whew!! Okay, now that our corny attempt at being inspiring is over, let’s look at what you should actually be on the lookout for.

Children’s skin care products should be free of any harmful fragrances, chemicals and dyes. The rise in cancer cases in children is because of some of the stuff we expose our precious baby bears to. Don’t get me wrong, we are a no mummy-shaming zone here! The truth though is that there are a lot of dirty and dangerous things out there and many untrustworthy companies out there.

You should teach your child the importance of understanding what they are putting in and on their body at an early age. Our bath bakery products incorporate fun designs like dessert shape soaps and bath bombs to make this educational process fun and yummy to look at. They are also free from harmful ingredients.

3. Limit time in the sun: 

The wonderful, glorious sun during the summer is a sight to behold. Your babies in little cute swimming onesies in the pool, you relaxing on the backyard porch or better yet the beach, as their squeals of joy filter through your mind… Okay let’s stop the day dreaming now.

The sun for all its benefits can do significant damage to your children’s skin. Sunburn is common in kids, they like playing outside and it is a good thing that they do. However, your duty as a parent is to teach them good skincare habits whilst in the sun.

If they understand or at least know that they have to use sunscreen when they go outside, it makes a tremendous difference on the health of your kid’s skin.

Some other tips that you can incorporate are:

•           Limiting time spent outside

•           Using sunblock gear like umbrellas, hats, sunglasses and rash guards

•           Making sure you find covered or shaded parking as much as possible.

There is no such thing as being too careful with the sun. You are one sunburn away from potential problems.

4. Washing up at night:

Whether bath time is in the morning or in the evening or both in your home is not important. Healthy skin is created by strong hygienic practices.

That doesn’t mean that bath time has to be a nightmare. We at my bath bakery know the struggle that some parents might face during bath time. Not all kids enjoy the experience, but I believe that if you incorporate play time with your wash up routine, you and your child will both have a better evening.

Washing up at night is a great habit to create and maintain. Our faces accumulate so much during the day, and the same is true for kids. Going to bed with all that dirt and germs and spreading it on the bedding is not a cool idea.

If you struggle to get your child to wash up at night, you can incorporate the following things:

•           Create a reward system and checklist that your child can be a part of

•           If they check all the boxes i.e. washing the face, taking a bath, and brushing their teeth, then they get a treat or you increase screen time.

Children hardly forget what they were taught to prioritize even when they get to adulthood. The reward system is brilliant because it gives your child a ‘good feeling’ for doing something important.

5. Wearing sunscreen:

If I lived in a different time, I would thank the sunscreen gods for creating such an important and useful product. But since I do not live in ancient Greece or Egypt, I will stick to emphasizing that you always have sunscreen handy.

Have it in your car, your handbag, your baby bag, your kitchen, pool house okay I think you get the picture. Kids learn by seeing and if you teach them that playing or going outside means sunscreen first, you are doing a superb job. I am not sure yet of the extent of danger that constant sun exposure in kids possesses to their skin when they reach adulthood or old age. What I do know is that prevention is always better than trying to cure a problem. Do all you can for your little one’s skin. 

6. Leave pimples alone:

They are sometimes fun to pick at; I know. Even adults can mindfully play around with an irritating scab or pimple. That is not a good habit to allow for your kids.

The foundation of healthy skin is centered on how well you take care of it, especially when it is injured or it is fighting off some inflammation. After all, the skin is our biggest organ.

Teach your kids to leave pimples and scabs alone. If your baby is too young to listen to your instruction, or if they are too stubborn to (hello terrible twos!) then maybe place a bandage over the area. They will probably pick at it too, but it’s better than them directly irritating their skin. 

7. Remove makeup before bed:

Okay, so we’ve all been guilty of this at some point or another, am I right mamas? But this is not a habit that we should pass down to our little princesses.

We have a wide range of makeup products at My Bath Bakery that you can choose from. However, once you are done playing dress-up, it is vital that your child’s skin gets a proper cleansing before they sleep.

Washing off all and any excess makeup from the skin will help your princess glow naturally. Be in the habit of insisting that all makeup be removed before bed. If you have preteens who might wear a bit of eye shadow and mascara, ensure that they clean it all off before bed. Sometimes its little things like mascara and eyeliner that we often ignore, but the damage that they can do is not something to take lightly.

We’ll we hope you found these tips to be helpful, Sugar. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Yummy Wishes!

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