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My Bath Bakery Summer 2019

Hello Sweeties!

My Bath Bakery is soooo excited to share our Summer 2019 sweet, bath bakery spa product line so be sure to check out our latest blog post and newsletter. Okay, so onto business because you’re busy building your empire, right!

My Bath Bakery offers more than just sweet posh spa products for kids 12 and over, we also offer business tips and coaching. So if you’re interested in starting your own kid’s luxury spa business, be sure to click this link and visit our business website. Today’s spa marketing tip is for current spa owners.


The spa tip for today is to add a little bit of merchandise to your party packages. Consider selling small items such as 2 oz. jars of Cotton Candy Soak Powder or Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub that kids can purchase before they leave. Think outside of the box and add additional items like fuzzy socks or hand-held mirrors to create a gift basket. These items pair well together and can offer you additional income without additional work. It’s a cool way to add residual income even to Mobile Spa Parties! You can make a “Treat Table” to set-up your products or even Doughnut Bath Bombs. Everyone should leave with something!


While we talk about increasing your spa party sales, we need to give you a fun, sweet way that brings sales and fun, together! Okay, sweeties here’s a fun way to incorporate sweet sales and loads of giggles!

Musical Manicures

For this fashionably fun game you’ll need the following:

To play, each child selects a different nail color and takes a place at the table. When the music begins, guests pass polish around the circle. When the tune stops, each guest will polish one nail of the color she’s holding. The game continues until all ten nails are painted! Have unopened nail polishes for sale!

Contact us with your questions about starting your own kids spa business or to purchase our luxury kids spa products.

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